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The Time of Cupids:

half is already written! about 4,000 words down (and i try to hit that 8,000 word mark every time) but i can’t guarantee an update once the queue reopens. i shall try to finish asap, but writers block is slowly taking over ): i keep changing things around, and right now i’m trying to develop ideas for the next few chapters, and plan how to get the characters exactly where i want them. sit tight guys ! :)

about 45% done. i’m still working on the plot a little bit. i do take your reviews into consideration, and i know most of you want to see more than james’ asshole side!


I cannot begin to explain how difficult it is to move on from the first couple of chapters. i’m going through a rut right now with this fic. i do want to continue this, i just need to move past my little writers block and write the next chapter. 


only 7/27 chapters have been revised! the plot will be staying the same, and i will simply be making revisions concerning the inconsistencies. 

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