sneak peaks

here’s a sneak peak for chapter nineteen 

Abruptly, someone plopped down on the empty seat beside me. I turned to him, expecting to face the boy I had spent the majority of my night with. To my surprise, it was a stranger.


To my delight, he looked as equally annoyed as I was.


"Not having fun?" I asked, striking a conversation.


"How can you tell?" he asked, his voice dripping with sarcasm and disdain. "I suddenly really wish they just stuck with old school masks. Even though they don’t completely hide one’s identity, it’s a lot better than this."


"Tell me about it." I replied exasperatedly.


"I take it that you’re not having a good time either, huh?"


"Not exactly."


"What are you doing sitting here all on your lonesome?"


I huffed, annoyed. “Followed some bloke outside, and now I can’t remember what happened after that.”


The boy chuckled, amused. “It’s incredibly ironic that the staff is making date raping a lot easier than it should be in a school of magic.”


Surprised, and now slightly afraid, I turned to him with wide eyes. “That’s not something you should joke about!” I exclaimed. “I’m a little frightened now to be honest…”


He laughed again. “Don’t worry. I’m sure you would have felt violated in some way if that were true, even if you don’t remember it.”


I laughed and let the matter rest. “How about you?”


"Me… Well," he chuckled bitterly.

and the rest shall be revealed in the next update ! :D 

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